Various and Sundry (aka Frazzle-ization)

I sat down for a few minutes to try and get my head together in the midst of getting ready for a class and trying to organize a tour for Ms. Arteest on Sunday. Fortunately Pamelarteest is quite restrained (no weird supplies required) and I have everything for the class at home. I am also bring the two, as yet unfinished, pieces I started in her class at Quilting Adventures.

Self Portrait

Jaye’s Garden

Still, the Sunday thing is proving to be a problem, because the BedaBreakers (Bay to Breakers) is Sunday, which cuts the City in quarters and makes the Park in accessible. We had planned to go to the deYoung, but with the B2B, there is no way I am getting within a mile of the Park. So, I had to spearhead making other plans.

Now I am taking a break in between all the craziness and putting the child to bed. I started clicking down my blogroll to see what was happening in blogland and came across some interesting stuff happening.

Ardent Peace is quiet as K seems to be ill and working all week.

Art Quilt Reviews has a review quilts from CQA in WA. I hadn’t heard of any of these quiltmakers, but I do like some of the work. I could use a good quilt show, but at the moment WA is not in the plans.

Deirdre is not showing much (did you see her PBJ??), but she is looking forward to some cool photos from her friends, Susan and Ivan.

Diary of a Mad Fabri-holic has done a meme, which I don’t really do, but has an interesting looking quilting on her Mother’s Day post.

Yarnstorm has a great photo of a glass and Be*mused still has the basket quilt up.

The last three all work on TypePad and their blogs are so clean and fresh looking. I went there thinking I might move my blog, but they charge for he privilege, so for the moment I’ll keep Artquiltmaker Blog here.

Joshilyn over at Faster than Kudzu is interviewing another author and Julie over at High Fiber Content (doncha just love that name?) is talking about needs. She has some great shoes showing, too. She doesn’t have permalinks, so look for May 18, 2007.

That’s the news from Blogland. I should have some interesting stuff after this weekend with allthe quilting friends in town. Stay tuned.

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