Quick Bites

Technorati relaunched their search service yesterday. As a work project, I had to try out the new and expanded Technorati service. In addition to searching blog comments, it now searches for music, videos and images. Of course, I had to use ‘quilt’ as my term. I know the subject better than any other subject, so what better topic to use? Very interesting results, including some how to videos on quiltmaking. Here are a couple of blogs I found that I thought were worth looking at:

Mosaic-It: http://mosaic-it.blogspot.com/. The post I saw was about a mosaic floor in Venice (Italy, not California). As you may (or may not) know, I, obsessively take pictures of mosaics wherever I go. I really liked the floor in this post as I thought it looked exactly like a quilt. I also thought the tiles looked like they had little patterns on them, mimicking fabric somewhat. There seem to be only two posts, so stay tuned.

Sister’s Choice: http://sisterschoice.typepad.com/sisters_choice_quilts/ This seems to be a relatively new Typepad blog (3-4 months old). The pictures are really clear. Her fabrics seem to be a little dark for my taste, but she does use Creative Grid rulers, which are my new favorite. (I’ll write a review sometime) She also uses interesting patterns. The Evelyn Sloppy pattern, Fall Frolic, uses ugly colors IMO, but I like the way those four patches stand out. Not sure I could strip piece it the way Sister’s Choice describes.

Quilter’s Buzz appears to be a news site for the quiltmaking world. She has lots of posts from Quilt Market, especially of the booths. Her colors are similar to Sister’s Choice. Perhaps these are the colors of the day and I am the only one not using them?

Go take a look at what you can find at Technorati. If you are looking for me, though, you won’t find me there, so put me in your RSS reader. 😉

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.