Good Day with Fabric

I spent the day at home doing laundry and minor household chores. Since nobody else was here (what bliss!), I was also able to get the left side, yes the ENTIRE left side!, of Thoughts on Dots finished. I am thrilled and love the way it looks thus far.

The above photo shows the bottom right corner. Trying to strike when the iron was hot (metaphorically and in reality), the design wall had not cooled before I already had moved the right hand two rows over to the left and was putting more squares up. I tried to use many of the squares I had cut previously, but had not yet made it into the quilt. Many of them, however, I had to remove in short order as the colors were too depressing for this happy, sherbety quilt.

I had dreams of actually picking out all of the colors for this section today and sewing it together. I realized that was only a pipe dream. I ended up cutting more squares, which meant pulling fabrics out of the fabric closet, always an exercise in time and patience. Though not my favorite part, it was worth it because I found some very nice dots that have not been used yet in this piece. I also really want to have the right fabrics after all the work I have done on this piece so far.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

4 thoughts on “Good Day with Fabric”

  1. Looking good, it is really coming together fast. You must have a big bin of dots by now, for all the years you’ve been buying them. Lots to choose from! The colors are really cheerful and fresh.

  2. I do have a big bin of dots plus dots on the floor, dots in the closet, dots EVERYWHERE! They are so happy and cheerful. I found a great turquoise/aqua at Beverly’s today.

  3. Kristen,
    I am making this to be a cuddle type quilt. I already have four quilts on the couch, but they are not really big enough to wrap up in. I have never made a quilt with this purpose in mind, so it is a new experience and we will have to see.

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