The Pineapples Progress

I have made some progress on the Pineapples. I am working on them in between everything else so I don’t feel guilty about starting a new project. Yeah, yeah, I know guilt is not productive. Above is the first bits of the second two blocks.

I have made more progress on the second two blocks. I am about 3 rows away from finishing. One thing I did differently in the last few rows is add new backgrounds. the size and spacing are different from the background fabrics I have been using. We will see how they turn out and if you think they scream “INAPPROPRIATE.”

I also added some fabrics with smaller dots. In these photos they look like tone-on-tones. We will see if I use them again.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

2 thoughts on “The Pineapples Progress”

  1. oh my stars – I see … no, not stars… I see dots!!! These are too adorable! I want to go make pineapple blocks now. It’s 2 a.m., so I won’t. But I WANT to!

  2. I would highly recommend the pineapple book by Possibilities as well as the ruler that goes with it. I love rulers but have been more skeptical lately. I borrowed the one I am using for my Pineapple blocks, but think I will buy one…if I think I will do a second pineapple quilt. 😉 Pineapples look pretty daunting, but this class really clarified the process and made me realize you just have to be careful.

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