I Guess I Do Have a Project

I have been feeling sort of at loose ends since I finished my various projects and took them to the quilter. I can’t decide if I should start the Chocolate Box quilt or just putter around. It finally dawned on me that I do have a project: the Teacher Pillows!

I don’t know what I was thinking, but these Teacher Pillows have turned into a production. This year, I am making 5: 3 for the child’s teachers and one each for the principal and assistant principal, who are both retiring. The latter two are not expected and not as important IMO, though I would like to make the gesture. On the positive side, I decided to start early and make them so I could take my time. The blocks are almost all done, with a minimum of unsewing.

Teacher pillow. This one is done with the Denyse Schmidt fabrics and came out very well, if I do say so. I love the colors and can’t wait to work more with these fabrics.

Teacher aide pillow

Resource teacher pillow. I had to make sure I have enough fabric, because this teacher will be working with the child until 8th grade. She will have a set of pillows by the time the child graduates! I really hope she likes the colors we have chosen.

Principal pillow. The child calls her the Wizard of Oz.

Assistant principal pillow.

I went through two books to see how I could make the rest of the pillow covers so they don’t have Gap-osis in the back. I am thinking of slip stitching them shut so I don’t have to worry about it. The recipients wouldn’t be able to wash the covers, though.

And on other fronts….

The fabric from eQuilter arrived. More dots!

I also worked a bit on the Flowering Snowball (Cross Block). Here is my first test of the new template and some fun [Denyse Schmidt] fabrics. I have since cut a lot of the corner pieces. I cut a piece whenever I have a piece of fabric out. I really need to get some more whites.

This is my wreck of a design wall. There are pieces of fabric and blocks everywhere. The little progress I made on the Cross Blocks (Flowering Snowball) is in the lower left corner. The blocks for the Teacher Pillows are stacked and pinned to the design wall (lower middle). I have no more space and am seriously thinking about what I can do to expand this space. First, I will move the Pineapple blocks up a few inches. That should help. Second, I will finish these Teacher Pillows, which should give me some breathing room. Something must be done, though, as this kind of design wall makes me crazy. I can’t think when it is so full.

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2 thoughts on “I Guess I Do Have a Project”

  1. oh just LOOK at that design wall!!! it’s wonderful and happy and so full of creative juice!!

    you are very good with your making of wonderful projects for the teachers. last year irene had a silk painting that she did for her teacher. this year i think we’re doing a big giant coffee (or tea) mug filled with yummy tea (or coffee) and i’ll have irene draw a picture on it.

    i’m glad you posted. i was missing your posts.

  2. Thanks! I am trying to just keep sewing. One thing about sewing is that I use up fabric, but I don’t seem to use up enough! Not enough to warrant buying more, but I do anyway. You idea of a little cup gift basket is a nice one. I know coffee/tea is always useful. You can go to one of those paint on ceramic stores like Color Me Mine and make her a cup there.

    Thanks, sorry to have left you all for so long, but I was on my own and it means double the work.

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