Teacher Pillows 2009

Teacher Pillow (Aide) 2009
Teacher Pillow (Aide) 2009

Yes, I am doing it again. If you want to read the torure from previous years, I have gathered the posts into one search just for you.

My goal is to have them done before school ends this year, which is June 12. I actually have until June 11 this year as I am, sadly, not attending the conference I usually attend that week. Still, I want these babies done and out of my hair ASAP.

Some weeks ago, on a rip to IKEA for light bulbs (now I know I can get the same ones at Lowe’s, which is closer!) I found pillows for $1.50. They are an ugly baby blue, but solid and they will make fine pillow forms. They are not as fluffy as the ones I have bought in the past, but tough times call for economies.

Yesterday, I corraled The Child and had him choose blocks. I also had him do drawings for the back.

This is the Greek Cross block and it is for the aide. The others are Tangled Star, Omega and one with a lot of triangles. I am working on the latter. Another day I will post all of the photos.

Next up: copy the drawings to fabric and piece.