Learning Something New

It is always a good day when I learn something new. Yesterday I learned out to make a facing, made a facing and am thrilled! Maureen, a quiltmaker whose work I greatly admire, was making a facing at the CQFA Retreat. She pointed me to Jeri Riggs’ directions later.

A facing is a way of finishing a quilt so that the edging (binding) does not show on the front. You may not always to want a frame (binding) around your quilt. This is a design element that will work with some pieces. I think that this technique will work for a number of my Pamela Allen pieces.

I learn best when someone shows me how to do something, so reading the directions and trying to make the facing left me scratching my head in confusion. I finally called Maureen and she walked me through the process. She sprinkled in a few tips and tricks she has added to the web directions.

It isn’t difficult at all. It reminds me of making a tote bag the first time. Once you do it, you know it and can make the process your own.

This means that the House & Garden Quilt is done! YAY!

House & Garden, finished May 16, 2009
House & Garden, finished May 16, 2009

Well, it still needs a label and I need to decide about a sleeve.

Deadly Flax

We have an independent art store in the City called Flax. It is art and inspiration nirvana. I didn’t mean to go there, but I ended up there on Friday.

I went to an appointment and then out to lunch. My last stop before home was the shoe store, which is in a completely different neighborhood. In looking for the shortcut street, I overshot and ended up in the no left turn land of Market Street, heading downtown. I wasn’t lost; I knew exactly where I was. I was just not where I wanted/needed to be to get to the shoe store. I tried to recalculate and readjust and each time I did I ended up where I didn’t want to go. Suddenly, like a beacon of light and hope there was Flax on the correct side of the street with a parking place conveniently located. How could I not stop?

It has been a few years since I have been there as it is off my beaten path. Amy of the Creative Mom podcast (have to get that woman out of my mind!!!) mentioned her trip there recently and it stuck in my mind.

It is wonderful. Big and open with helpful, CHEERFUL workers and lots of art supplies. I decided while I was there that I would get a Pitt pen (again, Amy mentioned it) and do some Christmas shopping.

Christmas, you ask? Yes, never hurts to start early and I want to spread out the financial pain.

I bought a Pitt pen, I bought some of the Miguelrius journals in a color I hadn’t seen (can’t ever have too many journals! Especially now since I am writing a lot), bought a book, gel/scrapbook pens and a couple of other things for gifts. They also have stationery that I used to buy by the pound as a teenager. It is thick and heavy and you can buy it by the sheet as well. I bought a couple of sheets, a folded card and an envelope so I can write a nice long letter.

Colorful Stationery
Colorful Stationery

They also have a line of organizational boxes and files called Semikolon, which have dot designs. Have to have some of those once the financial situation eases.

They also have a ton of gorgeous ribbon. For embellishing art quilts, the prices were quite reasonable. It is high end ribbon, so they start at a ~$1.50/yard, but you don’t need much, right?

It was refreshing and I know I have to take TFQ and Julie there next time they come for a visit.

An Aside

I tried out the Pitt pen on the Tree prompt response, which I will post later. It is a little thn for my tastes, but like the waterproof quality. I will have to investigate and see if they have thicker ones. I liked the line and color black better than the Sharpie fine linr I have been using since the plane ink explosion incident.