Beach Town Progress

Beach Town, after quilting
Beach Town, after quilting

A friend on FB asked me to post Beach Town. As you regular readers know, I get around to posting everything eventually and this past week has been a bit of a challenge. I wondered whether I should post this on Monday to give you more days to look at, but eventually decided just to stack up a couple of posts today and get through the backlog. When I prepare posts and set them to post on a future date, I can’t link to them until they are posted.

I spent Monday afternoon and evening working on the machine quilting of this piece. I still have the purple part of the road and the sky as well as the flowers to quilt, but am mostly done.

I am pleased with how the piece is shaping up. I liked the fluffiness of it before I began the quilting. Now I really like how flat it gets after quilting.

I have to remember to machine quilt it before I start the hand stitching. I know that will be hard in future Pamela Allen classes because of he flow of the class and how excited I get about the pieces I create in her classes.

It took me a long time (well, a month, which seemed like an eternity) to get back to this piece.  I learned something from my mistakes, though:

  • cover the batting somehow
  • stick or pin everything down really WELL
  • Ensure the pieces are large enough to overlap to prevent gap-osis
  • machine quilt before hand stitching
Beach Town, top detail
Beach Town, top detail

I do need more quilting on the sky. I just went around each sunbeam in order to tack down the repaired part of the sky. The other part of the sky is just too fluffy, so I will quilt some more in the area on the right of the piece.

I spent a lot of time on the tree, so that the lean, straight shape would be maintained. I think I succeeded?!

Beach Town, bottom detail
Beach Town, bottom detail

Quilting the bottom was a little more of a challenge because I didn’t want the quilting to stand out. That meant a lot of stopping and starting with new colors. That is ok. I spent some time in the evenings during the week working on little bits of the piece. As I mentioned I still need to quilt the purple part of the road and I think some hand stitching will be required.

I don’t know if I will machine quilt the flowers. I am not that into free motion quilting right now. I may just tack them down a little and then do some detailed hand stitching. It may be that I just bead them to try and maintain the look of the color statement. I haven’t done anything there yet, so I will have think about it some more.We’ll have to see.

Creative Prompt #15: Square

A cube.

A box.

A plane with 4 sides.

Are you square? Do you live on a square? Do you walk or gather on the town square?

There is more information and inspiration on the Creative Prompt Page, which I have been updating fairly frequently.

Post the specific URL or deep link where your drawing, doodle, artwork is posted in the comments area of this post. It is an easy and good way to keep all the artwork together.

See the Creative Prompt page if you want to more information how to participate in this project. You can also click ‘Creative Prompt’ in the tag cloud and see more prompts and responses.