Sketching #14: Queen

Creative Prompt Response #14: Queen
Creative Prompt Response #14: Queen

I didn’t realize how hard this prompt would be until I posted it. I thought of the series of drawings (are they a series??) that I have going and my heart sank. How would I fit this word into the series?

Then, during my creative binge over the weekend, I had a glimmer of an idea. I let it roll around in my head until finally it jelled. Then, I thought about how I would draw it.

When I sat down to do it the drawing today, it was done except for putting pen to paper. I really had done the whole thing and knew exactly how I would put it on the paper.

I finished and found that it was too boring. It was the perfect time to look through some of my previous efforts. I took the opportunity to add some details from previous drawings and I hope the details will add continuity.

I have mentioned her several times, but as I listened to another Creative Mom Podcast, I have to thank Amy for inspiring me to draw by speaking so eloquently about it. Thanks for taking the time, and expending the energy on your podcast. I appreciate it.