Eye Spy Photos

Eye Spy, detail
Eye Spy, detail

As with the Nosegay, I wasn’t able to get the whole Eye Spy quilt in the photos. Still, I am happy that I finally got a mostly entire picture of the quilt.

The Child loves his quilt, which makes my heart happy. He doesn’t search out the pictures that I carefully fussy cut. He arranges the quilt and folds it carefully over him.

Eye Spy, Full
Eye Spy, Full

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4 thoughts on “Eye Spy Photos”

  1. How can he not be searching out those fussy cut wonderful treasures on this quilt? Maybe you have to “make a game out of it” with him! It’s a lovely quilt!

  2. The child told me yesterday (did I tell you??) that he wants an Eye Spy poem on his quilt and then it will be done. He also said he wants it embroidered. How many 12YO boys know the word embroidered?

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