Nosegay Photos

Nosegay, mostly full
Nosegay, mostly full

On Sunday, the sun was right, I had an assistant and time to fool around, so I went outside and  made an attempt to take full photos of the Nosegay and the Eye Spy. They are large and hard to photograph in the house.

The session wasn’t quite as successful as I had hoped. I did get more of the Nosegay in one picture than I ever had before, but not all of it. I have to face reality that it is a HUGE quilt and I may never have the space to photograph the whole thing. I may break down and take it somewhere to be professionally photographed.

Nosegay, corner detail
Nosegay, corner detail

I took the opportunity to take some straight on detail shots. Right, is a corner – or most of the corner. There was a slight breeze that seemed to kick in just as I snapped the shutter.

Nosegay, center detail
Nosegay, center detail

This bottom photo is the center of the quilt. The whole reason this quilt is so big is because I put everything on point and had to have all the blocks spaced a certain way.  I hope it brings tears to the eyes of quilt historians someday, because at this moment the quilt feels like a big pain!

I am glad I got the photos I did. I had waited for a long time for everything to be right to photograph this quilt.

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3 thoughts on “Nosegay Photos”

  1. Beautiful quilt! even if it is so huge you’re having trouble photographing it! I’ve had this problem with a quilt I did.
    I love the blue batik and your sketches of it in the previous post. I totally agree about things you always have in your line if sight being an inspiration!

  2. The quilting looks great and so does the entire quilt! You did a GREAT JOB!

    When I had to take photos of the HUGE school quilt, I laid it down in the driveway and took photos from the deck- it was the only space large enough to see the whole thing.

    😀 eirdre

  3. Deirdre: Great idea. I could lay a quilt on the driveway and hang out the Child’s window. Not safe, but it would get the job done. We don’t have a deck.

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