Update re: Stellar Quilts

Last week, I posted an Odds and Ends post that included some information about a new Judy Martin video. Hope you watched it.

After I watched it I had the following question:

“I was just wondering if I cut the black line off before I stick the template on to the ruler or if I cut on the black line? Or do I leave the entire black line on the template?”

Judy got back to me with the following answer:

“That’s a good question. Do not cut off the black line. Cut on the outside edge of the black line. Technically, the center of the black line is the perfect size. However, including all of the black line in the template will compensate for the take-up due to seam allowances upon stitching.  Judy Martin”

Put that in your arsenal! Thanks, Judy!


Maureen is a great ATC Shepard for CQFA. She reminds us to get our ATCs done and how many there will be to exchange. At the meeting today we will be exchanging 4 each. I worked on mine a couple of Fridays ago when I kicked the boys out of the house and spent the day sewing. I don’t normally sew during the week, but don’t have as much time so forced myself to pretend it was the weekend and sewed.

March ATCs
March ATCs

I wanted to use the current Creative Prompt and remembered an African fabric I bought with eyes on it. Amazingly, I was able to find it and use it. First, I found the mask fabric, which I thought would work. I wasn’t as happy using it, so I went back for the eyes.

I thought of Pamela Allen the whole time I was working on these as she has a thing for eyes.

I made an additional 8 (only 6 shown above) thinking that we would be exchanging in multiples of 4. Then I went back and read her message and found that she only wanted us to bring 4. No problem. Now I can send one to a friend and keep one for another project I am working on.

Leftover ATCs
Leftover ATCs

In case you can’t tell, I am making a series. The two highlighted above are first in the series and I thought I would bring them along (had to finish them first!) and see if anyone didn’t get the first series.