Making Yesterday (Inspiration Board)

What I want to do is get more organized in my workroom. It is difficult, because my budget for redoing this room is virtually non-existent. Other house rejuvenation priorities come first. I had all the makings of a bulletin board ready to go last week. I took a coupon to Beverly’s and bought a large stretched canvas. I had found a piece of batting leftover from a quilt, which would be large enough. I found some fabric that I didn’t want to use for a quilt and was ready to go.

Supplies Ready

I needed DH’s help, because it is a two person job to stretch the fabric and batting. The staple gun is pretty hard to squeeze as well. I convinced him to help me yesterday and it worked out really well. I had fun working with him. Now, perhaps,  I’ll get to that tuffet!

Batting on; centering the fabricI saw this project at Beverly’s. They had one hanging about 5 feet above my head. I looked at it, but didn’t take notes or anything. I talked to one of the ladies at the store, briefly, and she seemed to think I had the right idea.

First, after unwrapping the stretched canvas, we staple gunned the batting tightly to the wooden stretcher bars.

I thought about adding another layer of batting, but didn’t have one and wanted to keep the momentum going.

Putting on the FabricThen we staple gunned this fabric over the batting to the wooden stretcher bars. We pulled it tightly and were careful to avoid previous staples. They are easy to feel with your fingers through the fabric and the batting.

Ribbons onAfter the fabric was on, we stapled ribbons randomly to the wooden stretcher bars. Of course, at Beverly’s they had precisely aligned diamonds. I thought what I did was more fun.

Buttons in PlaceI dug around in my button box to find some interesting buttons and the above are the ones I chose. They are buttons that were approximately the right size. They are also buttons that I want to look at above my desk for awhile.

More Button detailI bought the sea themed buttons at the EBHQ show two years ago. Glad I am using them before the next show in April!

Button detailI started sewing the buttons on last night and will, hopefully, finish soon.