Too Many Books?!?

Must Read Books - March 2010These are the books that I MUST finish reading soon. Four of them (top 3 and bottom middle) are due back at the library. In fact, by the time you read this I will have already taken back the Design It Yourself Clothes book. I like the tone of the first part of this book even though I haven’t done anything about the actual making of clothes. I may buy this book so I can work through at my own pace.

Fortunately, I did write the review for Pretty Little Mini Quilts. that was on my mind since Lark Books sent me the book for free. Did you read it? I found the review hard to write. It is different writing reviews when I  get the books free from a publisher than when I get them out of the Library.

Leaning Tower of Book Pisa - March 2010Yes, this is the Leaning Tower of Book Pisa, as I like to call it. The Leaning Tower of Book Pisa books not only need to be shelved, but they also need to be cataloged and read. I have officially over reached my current shelf space for any kind of books. This pile makes me anxious. I want it to be neatly shelved, cataloged and have every book easy to find. I very rarely buy non-quilt books. My rule is that I have to get it from the Library and think I will read it again before I buy a copy of my own. I am only allowed to buy non-quilt books if it is hard to get from the Library.

Quilt books are a different story. I used to buy all the quilt books that came out, but there are simply too many now. Also, many of them are just pattern books and I have plenty of patterns. This past year or so, however, has been a great time for quilt books. I like to buy quilt books, because I make notes on the patterns or in the margins. I make notes about what I like or I underline (in pencil, don’t worry) bits that I want to come back and review again. I have only been, pretty much, putting quilt books on my wish list this year. As I mentioned, I have been fortunate in the past year to have received almost all of these books as gifts.

I still try to borrow them from the Library first to make sure I like the book. My local Library doesn’t have many fiber books, but it is in a network and one of the sister libraries has a lot of the titles I want. If I can’t find a quilt or fiber book in my library system, I go to The City system and can usually find it there.

I want to read all of the books in the Leaning Tower of Book Pisa. I am currently reading Design Explorations for the Creative Quilter by Katie Pasquini-Masopust. I read about a chapter of it a week. It is short, but is still taking me awhile to get through it, probably because, also, I am reading 3 other books at the same time. I am almost finished and will put up a review soon.

Linda M. Poole’s New Fabric

Linda, a big supporter of the CPP, has a new fabric line out. It is from Avlyn Fabrics and the theme is seahorses. What I love about her lines are that they are different. She is not creating the same thing that all the other designers are creating. Nice work, Linda! Keep it up.
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I also like the background fabric. I like the swirly-ness of it. I would like to see it come in many more colorways. I would also like to see Linda add to it so that all the colors I could ever want were included.

By the way, Linda said she mentioned my Creative prompt posts on Pat Sloan’s Creative Talk Radio yesterday. I haven’t listened to it yet