Happy Zombie’s Fun Fresh Quilt

Somehow I ended up on the Happy Zombie blog. Yes, that is a quilt blog. I loved the turquoise and cherries theme. I was fascinated by everything that Monica, Happy Zombie’s mistress, has done in the quilt world. There are lots of fun links to look at in the sidebar.

While I did love the colors and theme I really liked her version of the Oh Fransson New Wave quilt and am actually planning on making one. I love the way she used a ruler to cut the pieces. I think it is a good use of a Jelly Roll. You can four photos of the quilt on her site, the main one is here.

As an added bonus, Monica and I had a personal exchange about the ruler she used, which was cheerful and nice.

Definitely go to her site to look at the photos. The quilt is awesome.

More FOTY 2010

FOTY 2010 - March
FOTY 2010 - March

I have made an effort to cut pieces for the FOTY 2010 project. I really want to avoid the massive cutting and sewing I did in January. I just want to be more balanced about the project this year. We will see if my plans work.

As of this moment, I have pressed a lot of fabric, but there are still a number of pieces to cut.

I haven’t done any sewing. That should come as no surprise since I don’t sew until everything is cut.