Sorbet Update

Sorbet Columns Block
Sorbet Columns Block

This is similar to the last block I made back in November. When I made the 3 Columns block, I wondered how it would look if I reversed one of the columns. The block to the left is the result.

I think the fabrics are a little  busy, but otherwise it was a good idea. It is a simple idea.

I haven’t worked on the Sorbet quilt in a long time. The idea of a quick quilt to cleanse my sewing palette after the Tarts is working out like I thought it would.

First, the Tarts are still on my design wall calling to me. There is something else I need to do to it, but I am not sure what.

Second, as you have probably heard 1,000 times, my laptop died and along with it the notes on the quilt. The notes include all of the designs for blocks. I can easily remake them, but don’t have it in me right now.

Third, bags and pencil rolls have been demanding my attention.

Finally, I can’t find the other blocks I have made. I would really like to find them. This, partially, goes back to organization. I need a better organizational system in my workroom.