Cartier Again

I went to the Cartier exhibit with my MIL on Friday. The exhibit will be leaving in the next few weeks and I didn’t feel like I had seen enough the last time I went. I wrote about going a month or so ago. My mom and I were scheduled to go, but she worked so much this past week, she wanted to rest before she had to go to her weekend job. Instead of just thinking “oh, I’ll go by myself”, which probably would not have happened, I immediately called my MIL and asked if she wanted to go. I am glad I did, because it was great to go again and it was great to spend time with my MIL. Yes, I love my MIL and she is not, in any way, shape or form, evil like books and comics imply about MILs.

Jaye's Tiara ;-)
Jaye's Tiara πŸ˜‰

Ok, I am totally lying about that being my tiara, but if I had a tiara, it would look just like that and I would wear it all the time. This is the tiara of a princess of Belgium. It was my favorite piece in the whole exhibit. The thing that really attracted me to it was the swirls in the center. They reminded me of the P&B fabric I used for Spiky Stars some time ago. I would like to perfect that design for quilting on the longarm.

I felt really inspired by the pieces in the show.

Liz Taylor's necklace
Liz Taylor's necklace

I can’t help but do a lot of drawings when I am at an exhibit: read, look, draw. It is my mantra. I felt especially inspired yesterday as I could really look at things. Nothing was a surprise, because I had been before and I was able to focus on the details.

Different design ideas
Different design ideas

One thing I noticed is that all of the lines were doubled. In the the infinity type design above, I didn’t draw the double line in my book. It had a double line where I have drawn one line. I want to play with that drawing a bit and the above work is just a reminder.

Designs from jewelry
Designs from jewelry

The oblong/square I have drawn on the page above was really intriguing to me.It wasn’t quite square or rectangular. I think it was officially rectangular, but I really had to look at it to figure out why it wasn’t exactly square. It had a kind of Trip Around the World look to it and I would like to explore the shape a bit more on some graph paper.

Flamingo Brooch
Flamingo Brooch

I was not supposed to be taking pictures, which the guard told me nicely, but in no uncertain terms. The lighting was not conducive to photography, which is why the two pictures I took are so crappy. I posted the flamingo to show the way the artists put the colored stones on part of the piece. This was a good reminder that coloration in a quilt does not have to be symmetrical.

Also, the contrast between the types of pieces shown (tiara above vs. flamingo) was quite striking. It really showed the breadth of work that Cartier did.

I really enjoy seeing other types of work. Not only am I inspired, but feel very appreciative of the wide variety of artistry available in the world.

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4 thoughts on “Cartier Again”

  1. I need to get out more AND take my journal (that is devoid of anything still). I googled Cartier ‘flamingo’ and ‘tiara princess of Belgium’ and saw what the pieces might really look like btw. And guess who I am going to have coffee with next month? πŸ˜€

    1. I am so glad you will get to meet Rice! Tell her hi from me and I love her podcast! Bring stuff to show her and tell her about your creative efforts. Perhaps she will interview YOU for her podcast!!!! Your path to fame and fortune.

  2. I love tiaras – I got to try on the one Madonna wore when she married Guy Ritchie (it used to belong to the royal family) – one of my clients had it in their fabulous jewelry store . . . I looked quite snappy.

    FYI Sally Jean Alexander is teaching Viva la Tiara at Art & Soul in Portland in Oct.

    Here’s the info:
    A special twist on Totally Tiara…but with a twist (literally). In this 1-day Workshop you will create a true Tiara worthy of a Vegas-Night-Tiara-Wearing-Party! Using Gothic-shaped glass, crystals, bubbles, broken stemware, wire, rhinestones and other elements we will create a one-of-a-kind Tiara that others will go crazy for! Will it twirl? Will it light up? Will it do both? No matter what…it will surely be over the top. Glass, form, wire and some crystals included.

    I’m thinking of taking it – it’s $140. Come to Portland (you can stay with me at my brother’s house) πŸ™‚ – it would be fun. The only other class that interests me is on the same day (making a mechanical bird). Check out the site – oxoxm

    1. Hi Maude,
      Thanks so much for the offer. I have heard of your brother’s fabulous house. I’ll have to take you up on it another time, so do keep me in the loop! The class sounds awesome and I have been hearing so much good about the Portland craft scene that I can’t wait to dip my toe in.

      I also think every girl looks more awesome wearing a tiara!

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