It’s a Merry & Bright Wrap!

As you probably remember, I tried out the Jelly Roll last week and got pretty far along making the blocks. I had a lot of events this weekend, but was still able to put the quilt together. It provided a bit of a quiet haven for me.

One thing I found was that some of the strips, such as the sashing strips were too long. I cut them all the same size, so I am not sure why that happened. As I sewed the blocks together, I was diligent about trimming the excess as well as pinning carefully. The quilt went together really well. I am happy about the matching of seams (most matched!).

I forgot to mention that I tried the Mary Ellen’s Best Press on this quilt. TFQ warned me that the strips were stretchy upfront, so I pressed all the strips with Mary Ellen’s Best Press (MEBP) before I did any cutting. I think it helped. The feel of the fabric strips after I pressed with the MEBP was firm, but not stiff or tacky feeling. I didn’t have any noticeable problems with stretching or bias. I bought my own bottle of it and will probably use it for half and quarter square triangles.

It's a Merry & Bright Wrap!
It's a Merry & Bright Wrap!

It is about the size of a large lap quilt. I went to sleep the other night thinking about borders. I found some half yards of some of the Merry & Bright prints that I might use for the border, but I am not sure about what configuration. I don’t have enough just to slap a couple of borders on it. The borders will have to be pieced in some way.

IAM&BW - detail
IAM&BW - detail
IAM&BW - detail 2
IAM&BW - detail 2

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3 thoughts on “It’s a Merry & Bright Wrap!”

  1. I see you found the blue stripped fabric we were searching your fabric vault ( It is no longer the closet It is now the vault)
    I like the red blocks in the middle and the alternating of blue & green on the borders. I think it will look great in the dining room at Christmas. Although I wouldn’t store it with your christmas decorations..
    Please add my website to your blogroll…

    1. Lil Sissy: I did find the blue striped fabric. I only had a bit of it and it was in a box I used to gather all of the fabric and supplies for this quilt initially.

      I like the name fabric vault!

      I’ll have to think about a temporary quilt on the dining room wall at Christmas. Good idea.

      Your site has been on my blogroll since you started it! Everyone look at!!!

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