Being Serious about FOTY 2010


I shouldn’t buy stuff right before Christmas, but I did anyway. Nobody is going to buy this stuff for me anyway. I went to Joann to get a gift (well, look for one that I didn’t find) and decided to get serious about finishing the FOTY.

I am trying to finish the journal I have going. I only have a few pages left and they seem to be magically expanding the more I write. I have been writing a lot of lists. One of the lists I wrote was things I wanted to accomplish during my vacation. On that list was to decide on the border fabric for the Fabric of the Year quilt for 2010 and get busy cutting those pieces. I know I didn’t need a special ruler when I made the border for the Eye Spy, but I also remember that the triangle gymnastics I went through were a pain. I decided to buy the specialty rulers while at Joann. (Actually, I bough the side triangle ruler at the Granary when I was having my quilt appraised. More on that later.)

I also saw Fons & Porter using their Pyramid ruler. I haven’t tried it yet, but like it much better than the ruler set I looked so hard for in October. I like the lines. I am acknowledging that I might not like it after I try it.

I needed another pair of scissors as my Ginghers are too hard on my hands . I have been using them to cut out the Little Wallets. It is a good thing those wallets don’t take much to cut out, because my hands couldn’t handle much more. I have some bags in my future, thus the scissors.

I was also almost out of machine needles. I couldn’t remember what I normally use, so I just grabbed some. I also bought the leather needles, because I want try sewing the future journal signatures (like in the Red Journal) together and I know I will need a serious needle. It might not work, but I will try.

I have some cool handmade paper that has been hanging around and somehow my mind put all the pieces together and I will use some of that paper for my next journal.

I never used more than one coupon at Joann and they let me use on for every regularly priced item. I was shocked at how much I saved and felt a little guilty about it.

Author: Jaye

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6 thoughts on “Being Serious about FOTY 2010”

  1. That scissors has become my go-to scissors for almost all my fabric cutting! I LOVE them! I have the smaller versions that I use as snips by each machine and for cutting small bits for applique’. I have umpteen Ginghers all over the studio that I only use when I forget where I put my Fiskers. 😀

  2. I another pair of the Fiskars in my ‘go to class’ bag and forget to take them out and use them. Aside from the 50% off price tag, I was attracted by the claim that they are razor sharp. Those boys better NOT make me mad. Hee Hee.

  3. I have cut myself with the Fiskers of both types far more than the Ginghers of any types. They are very sharp! Be careful!!! I still won’t give them up though and will just have to learn my lessons the hard way. 😀

    1. Scissors? I don’t remember what scissors are used for. LOL! I feel like I haven’t been near my sewing machine in a week. Tomorrow? Probably not. Sunday? Definitely!

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