Metro Coffee Jane Market Tote

Jane Market Tote in Monaluna fabric
Jane Market Tote in Monaluna fabric

This fabric was really a pain to cut. I cut it raw edge to raw edge, because I wanted the coffee cups to be right side up when I carried the bag. It really took a long time to cut, as a result.

I am pleased, however with the results. I wish I had switched the pocket fabric and the front panel fabric, but the colors go together, so I am ok with the way it turned out. I do have to sew up the opening on the inside that I used to turn the bag.

I am not working on one in the Martha Negley black vegetable print that I used before. I wanted to use up that fabric in the black for these style of bags.

I am trying to decide if I will make enough of them to give as gifts at Christmas. Shock, horror, I know, but I have to start thinking about it now, because I have to make 12 or so if I do decide to make them.

Author: Jaye

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4 thoughts on “Metro Coffee Jane Market Tote”

  1. Your issue with the fabric rang a bell with me. I just got caught AGAIN on a directional fabric. I like making those burrito pillows like you do and I got a wonderful print that would have lent itself to some kick-butt pillows. But it is of the direction that won’t give me two pillows. Do you know what I am stumbling to say? I think I am trying to say I wish more novelty prints would go in a direction that would allow better usage of the fabric.

    Ok, I just looked…I have had issues in the past with fabrics that have their prints go from selvage to selvage. They have a horizontal orientation that goes only the width of the fabric. I wish more would have the prints running on forever on the length of the bolt. Does that make sense? But then I suppose those folks making curtains would complain about how fabrics are oriented too! lol

  2. I think assembly line production is the way to go if you’re going to do a bunch of those bags: cut all the pieces, then stitch all the fronts to the front panels/pockets, etc. It gets to be kind of meditative after awhile…

  3. Yes, definitely. I am just not sure if I am that organized! I still don’t have a good handle on the amount of fabric I need and the cutting directions don’t give me a good picture in my mind. The black one is going much faster, but that is mostly because of the cutting. The cutting on that Metro Coffee fabric was really hard, because of the way the fabric was printed. I now wish I had made the pocket out of the coffee and the front panel out of that companion print, but oh well. It is still a nice bag out of a nice print.

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