Latest Stars for San Bruno

Sue's Stars
Sue's Stars

I received this group of 10 stars plus some goodies from Sue last week. Aren’t they great?

One thing I know about the Liberated stars is that the proportion of the star points need some attention otherwise the stars look weird. Sue has nailed that and her stars have a lot of movement. They look cheerfully wonky. I am thinking of using them around the edge of a quilt – not quite a border, but something similar.

I also like the scrapiness of these blocks. I need to get started!

Sandy's Stars
Sandy's Stars

Sandy, from Quilting for the Rest of Us podcast, also sent some stars. Her color choices are fabulous! The yellow stands out against the blue wonderfully.

I am also thrilled that so many people have made the Friendship Star. I hope it infuses the quilt with good feelings for the families.

Thanks to Sandy and Sue for taking the time!

Want to help? We are doing this project because one family we know from school and my husband’s cousin were affected by the September 2010 San Bruno fire. We are making 3 quilts: one for our cousin and his wife, one for my son’s friend and one for the parents of my son’s friend.

I am thrilled at how many people are making a  block or two. Do you want to contribute some blocks?

All star blocks are welcome!

Block background: dark blue
Block design: Yellow star (any pattern, technique, eg. embroidery, painting, silkscreen, etc)
Block size: 8? finished (8.5? unfinished) or smaller (we will work with any size)
Remember to sign your block!

Deadline: End of March, but I can only piece one quilt at a time and all blocks will be used.

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