Stars for San Bruno #3 – Ready to Quilt

I want to make another Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker tote.

“But, Jaye,” you say “you have so many works in progress, don’t you want to finish them before you start something new?”

I did finish something!!!!

Stars for San Bruno #3 Top
Stars for San Bruno #3 Top

The top for the Stars for San Bruno #3 is pieced, the back is pieced, the binding is made. All the parts are hung up and waiting to go to the quilter.

I feel like I have made a significant step in the Stars for San Bruno Project. it feels SOOOO good to say: All of the piecing for all of the quilts in this project is COMPLETE!! Yes, I finished the piecing for Stars for San Bruno #3 on Sunday. I also made the back and binding.

Stars for San Bruno #3 Back
Stars for San Bruno #3 Back

The back took a lot of time. I have mostly used up the value of blue fabric that I planned to use in all of these quilts, so I spent a lot of time piecing bits of fabric together. It was soothing in a way, but as you can see, some of the fabrics are not blue. They were in the blue bin, so I counted them as available to use.

Also, a note on the photos. My quilt hanger’s wingspan is smaller than the quilt, so the photos aren’t terrific. Hopefully, you get the idea and will come back and continue to read  and not be horrified by my terrible photography skills.

So, everyone, do a happy dance. The end is near.

Author: Jaye

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  1. It makes my heart happy to know I helped, along with so many others. But YOU, m’dear, YOU put it all together…THREE times!!! Bravo and kudos and hugs and all that mushy stuff! 🙂

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