A-B-C Challenge: Lincoln
A-B-C Challenge: Lincoln

As I mentioned, there is no BAMQG meeting for March. We still have blocks to make. I made K, which you know, and L in now done. M and N are April blocks and I will get going on those soon.

In looking at all of the A-B-C challenge blocks on my design wall, I also decided that I needed another block with the same on point symmetry as the Basement Window block.

I don’t know why this block is called Lincoln, but I chose it for my L block, because of the on point symmetry. I, now, only have two of these kinds of blocks and need at least three, so I’ll have to find another one.

I chose the colors, because in looking at the whole group of blocks, I thought that I needed to use more of that light green-y yellow.

There are 33 pieces in this block, in case you were wondering.

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