Blue Donation Quilt

Blue Donation Quilt
Blue Donation Quilt

Last weekend I finished the Blue Donation top that evolved from blocks into an actual top.I am pretty pleased with the way it came out. Chunking made this go together really well.

Last night I made a Franken-batting for it and started a back, but I don’t think I will finish the back. We’ll see.

This is for the BAMQG Charity project. Although it is not completely finished, I am putting it in MY finished category, because someone else will take over the quilting and binding.

Author: Jaye

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10 thoughts on “Blue Donation Quilt”

  1. I so enjoyed viewing the progression of blocks for this quilt top that you have been sharing on Twitter. In my opinion the border frames the blocks perfectly – it adds an ending point without taking away focus on the blocks. I’m confident you spoke about that on one of your design series episodes with Sandy. Chunking…again, a revelation to me!

  2. The cornerstones on the sashing gives a lot of visual uniformity. I wonder what it would have looked like with blue sashing and white cornerstones. More like individual quiltblocks?

    1. I might try that next time I do a whole top. That is also the great thing about quilt settings. Making a change like that can create a whole different look.

      1. I would be curious to see this, as well. In theory it should look like a reverse of this, but the blues are different enough that they might not drop out and become background the way the black/white does. I have a red-and-white version of this that I’ve been working on in a fairly lazy way for awhile (it pre-dates the year-of-not-sewing.) I was going to sash it as you have with white sashing and red posts, but now I am tempted to try it with red sashing, just to see what happens.

        BTW, I really like the strong diagonal that gets going on this when you add the blue posts.

    1. Glad you like it. I hope the Charity coordinators do, too. Very easy blocks to make: 2.5″ squares, 8 white, 8 color. I do them as leaders and enders during other projects.

  3. This turned out so cute! I’m glad they used this block because I think I underestimated it in the past.

    I didn’t know that there was something called chunking, so I thought I invented this! (And I felt a little guilty for putting my tops together the “wrong way.”)

    I like it because I think it is easier to line up seams when you have a smaller number of them to match at a time.

    1. There is no right or wrong way, only easier ways. Chunking is not very widespread, because everyone is so focused on putting blocks together in rows. It is definitely easier to line up fewer seams and fudge if you need to when there aren’t such long pieces to sew together.

      I really like this block and think I will just continue making them until I get sick of them. I am having so much fun sewing different fabrics together.

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