More Donation Blocks

Blue Zipper Donation Block
Blue Zipper Donation Block

The Super Secret project is ready to go to the quilter, so I am back to my 26 Projects list. Before I start the Corner Store, I plan to put together the blue donation blocks into a baby quilt. I am going to put it together with sashing rather than just putting the blocks together. I think it will look nice. Hopefully, it won’t take long.

What do you think of the fish heads?

Scrappy B&W Donation Block
Scrappy B&W Donation Blocks

I hope that the black on white background fabrics will be considered fun and different rather than a poor choice. I don’t have much plain white, and I have plenty of the black on white.

One of the reasons I wanted to put this quilt top (not planning on quilting it, but you never know) together was so that people wouldn’t feel obligated to go out and buy fabric so they make blocks with the black on white designs to match mine.

I did put some of the earlier blocks in the donation basket at the last meeting.

Joel Dewberry Donation Block
Joel Dewberry Donation Block

I know it is silly to call this (3rd image from the top) block the Joel Dewberry block, but that one square of his print really stands out (2d row, 2d from the left). I like the graphic nature of that patch, so I always think of this block as the Joel Dewberry block.

The blocks I am showing today are all new. I already have enough blocks to make a small baby quilt top, so I guess these blocks will be for the next top!

Dot Donation Block
Dot Donation Block

I know the 4th image from the top is a bit of a repeat, but it is nice to see the blocks together. I was thinking of using black on white for the sashing, but looking at this image makes me wonder if I shouldn’t just sew the blocks together next to each other?

TFQ cut a lot of these squares as we were working on the Super Secret project. I really couldn’t have made all of these blocks without her.

Blue Donation Block
Blue Donation Block

I am also really like the Accuquilt Go!. I cut many of the background fabrics using the 2.5″ square die, which made cutting a breeze.

Look for a donation top from these blocks soon.

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    1. The ovals are really great, aren’t they? that is a good print. I hope the fish heads don’t creep some poor child out. There is a whole block that is all fish fabrics.

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