Corner Store

Corner Store in process
Corner Store in process

In the book, Pretty Little Mini Quilts, I saw a small quilt similar to this. At the time, I was cutting up diamonds for FOTY 2010 and ending up with boatloads of triangles. I thought this project would be perfect.

I cut up some 5″ foundations and started to sew diamonds on to them. I sincerely disliked how much white was on the piece and how it overshadowed the scraps.

I started ripping the scraps off of all of the foundations and cut the foundations down to 4″. The other night, while I was watching TV, I pinned diamonds on to the newly trimmed founds and they are all ready to sew and trim again. I can use these pinned pieces as Leaders and Enders.

I have the little bit up on my design wall. It is making me excited about moving on to it as a quilt.

Author: Jaye

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8 thoughts on “Corner Store”

  1. I’ve seen the “precise” version of this, but (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) I like this slightly wonky version better, I think. This gives me an idea for the non-square scrap pieces I’ve got laying around!

    1. The wonkiness gives it a lot of movement, which you will see better once I make the piece bigger. Can’t wait to see your version. I know it will be done in 5 minutes. 😉

  2. This is a really cute idea. I have tons of scrap triangles from projects that I hesitate to toss, but I never know what to do with them. Thanks for the idea!

    1. You can also sew triangles together and then trim them to make real half square triangles. I do that sometimes as well. I suppose someday I’ll have to think of a project for them!

  3. This makes me want to march right in and get started. Ditto to the above two comments. I love the idea of having these be leaders and enders.

  4. Very cute quilt….like wonky for scrap quilts… kid quilts too.

    Got a question for you…. been reading about negative space in art / quilt blocks etc… I always thought it was the background fabric in a quilt block. But now thinking it might be what a block / pattern floats upon is the negative space. Can you clarify this concept in a future design segment with Sandy? Looking forward.



    1. I think the negative space is what is not taken up by the foreground, which is not always the background. But I haven’t looked up a definition. Will see what we can do.

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