Renewed Jelly Roll Race Update

Renewed Jelly Roll Race
Renewed Jelly Roll Race

The top and back are done. The binding is made and I took the quilt to the quilter on Friday.

You will have to click on the photo to see the border I put on. It is relatively small – 3″ or 4″, I forget- and mostly it is there to stabilize the edges of the piece. I think it gives the diamonds some breathing room.

When I look at this piece, I see a lot of movement. I first thought the rows and columns weren’t lined up, but the variety of fabric makes the piece look like it is moving rather than misaligned. At the moment, the top is 61″x61″ approximately.

I decided to use most of the rest of the diamonds on the back. I still have a few left, but they will end up in some other project another time – perhaps in a pencil roll or gift bag. Hhhmmm….

Renewed Jelly Roll Race - back
Renewed Jelly Roll Race - back

Again, I decided to try not to make myself crazy. I used a large piece of purple Moda Marble for the sides of back. Around the diamond is some random solid I had and I had to throw in a few other pieces to make the back large enough.

I felt bad having so little to show at BAMQG, but next month, or in June, hopefully, I will will have a lot. I do like those finishes.

I have decided to give it to my aunt as a gift. She is doing something really nice for me for which I can never thank her.

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4 thoughts on “Renewed Jelly Roll Race Update”

  1. I love your quilt! I’m loving the “scrappy” look right now. It seems to be so popular and it means getting to use a lot of favorite (and some “not so favorite”) fabrics in the same quilt. It’s just beautiful.

  2. Thanks to you both! I have taken it to the quilter and there will be something in the diamonds and a little viney thing in the sashing and border.

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