Taking Flight

Quick post, because my sister asked me to share this with all of you: http://fly-tribe.blogspot.com/2012/08/givingflight.html. The basics are:

The Fly Tribe came together as a bunch of individuals looking to learn a bit about what it meant to run a creative business. We came together to take Kelly Rae Robert’s Flying Lessons. Along the way, we made some friends, we supported one another’s dreams, we lifted one another up when difficulties (in business and life) threatened to get the better of us. We didn’t just learn to “Take Flight” (as Kelly Rae’s course suggests). We learned to Give Flight to one another.

Now with one year of soaring under our wings, we want to share the love.

 Welcome to the Summer of 2011 Flying Lessons Alumni’s
Giving Flight Blog Hop and Flying Lessons Give-Away. 
 It’s our Anniversary Celebration.
 This is a HUGE celebration that is broken up into two parts….
Go to http://fly-tribe.blogspot.com/2012/08/givingflight.html to read the rest and take advantage. Why not?

Pink Donation Top #2

Pink Donation Top #2
Pink Donation Top #2

Here is the top. It took me all weekend to get it done. I have been sewing slowly lately and it took me all weekend to get it finished.

I am pretty pleased with how it came out, but I wish I hadn’t used the darker batik strips. I do think they stick out more in the photo than in real life.

Still, I think some child will enjoy this quilt.

Pink Donation Top Back #2
Pink Donation Top Back #2

I made the back as well. I used some nice fabrics that I thought I wouldn’t use in a quilt. I think it looks cheerful. I especially like the fabric in the lower left hand corner.