More Star Sampler Blocks

I think we are on week 12 of our Star Sampler project. We are still making 8″ blocks. These are from the week of April 15. I am now behind again, because I was able to sew over the weekend. I chose these blocks:

  • Basic Star
  • Whale’s Tail (Once Again Around the Block, pg.126)
  • Centennial (Around the Block Again, pg.40)
  • 2142 Mosaic #19 (R1, C5)
Whale's Tail
Whale’s Tail

Whale’s Tail: There are a number of the blocks with chevrons making up the legs. I kind of wonder about the name of this blocks.

Since we are nearing the end of the pieced larger blocks, I am trying to make sure that all the fabrics I have used in other blocks have been used at least 3 times, so that there is some balance in terms of the colors and fabrics. If you want to read more about balance, Sandy and I did an episode in the design series and we talked about it.


Centennial: I really have to wonder why this block was named Centennial. I looked up the block on the web, because I don’t have my Jinny Beyer book handy. I found some interesting settings for this block.

2142 Mosaic #19
2142 Mosaic #19

2142 Mosaic #19: I should look up this block in the Jinny Beyer book, because it is such a weird name. Were there 18 other versions of this block?

I have also done similar blocks. I paid attention to the fabric placement and, as you can see, fussy cut the fabric for the center.

I think all four blocks came out nicely and look good together.

I have now made 37 4″ blocks. I am almost half way finished with them. TFQ is going on vacation and my goal is to make them all during the first two weeks of May so they are ready when she comes to visit.


Week of 4/15 Stars
Week of 4/15 Stars




4" Sawtooth Stars
4″ Sawtooth Stars