A Week Away and Some Quilting pt.3

English Paper Pieced Stars
English Paper Pieced Stars

I guess I am on kind of a star kick. I am showing you MORE stars, after all.

Aren’t the colors pretty? I think they go together well.

This is the miniscule amount of English Paper Piecing I was able to do while we were out with the Natives. I was only able to piece in the car and it was just a 4 hour drive each way.

I thought I would have scads of time sitting by the pool to work on this project, but nope. I was too busy smiling, shaking hands with DH’s constituents to bring this project out. I think I will have a goal of getting it done by the time he ends his term as Grand President in 2017. It will be my political project. Perhaps I’ll have enough for a table runner?

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16 thoughts on “A Week Away and Some Quilting pt.3”

    1. UGH! You make it sound so tedious. I guess so, but that doesn’t count the time I was staring out the window or fussing with the iPod or talking to DH. I had to prep the pieces as well. That means I cut, from a 4″x19″ piece of fabric, the smaller pieces needed to wrap around the papers. I also didn’t work on them the last half hour or so of the trip. It is all handwork and does take time.

      1. Great. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to order some half hexagons with my next Paper Pieces order. I love getting supplies from them.

  1. Lol! Something tells me if you put your mind to it you could make a king size quilt of this design if you wanted to 😉

      1. I know! It was my vacation to-go project for years! Now I know how I’ll finish it so I’ll just have to get myself to basting it and start quilting.

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