Round Robin Start

Round Robin Start
Round Robin Start

I wasn’t able to attend the meeting last weekend, but got my start to Kelly and she shepherded it to the meeting and to the person who will work on it.

She has given my piece as well to the person who will work on it. I put it in a bag I made a few years ago as I thought it would be nicer than a plastic bag or a cardboard box.

I included one of the small books Maureen made for me for thanks last year so that people could write their thoughts somewhere organized.

As I thought, I used a group of fabric I bought at Birch Fabrics a few years ago. They are definitely older fabrics, but favorites of the modern set as well. I hope I haven’t embarrassed myself by the fabrics I chose. I added a few others to add interest. On the off chance someone bought the same group and made a quilt from it, I wanted mine to be a little different.

I can’t wait to see the piece that I get to work on.

Author: Jaye

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9 thoughts on “Round Robin Start”

  1. I don’t understand the concept of embarrassing yourself for the group of fabrics you chose. Fabric choices are a matter of personal taste, right?

    1. This whole modern fabric thing is confusing. I like the fabrics I chose, but wonder if they are still considered modern? I like what I chose and am fine with whatever people make using them. I am just wondering if people will point and snicker behind their hands.

  2. I really like your start! Colorful and full of possibilities! (I get first round on it, too!)

    You get the start Chris made. Lots of dotty goodness there! I’ll send an email later about handing off the start. We’re going to do two months at a time — so this round isn’t due until August. (Mainly because I’m in another RR that’s due J/S/N/J and didn’t want to have two due at the same time, and because Kathleen will be gone next month. So it works out!)

  3. I agree with Carol on the journal idea, it’s so unique. And however your quilt will turn out you’ll always know what people were thinking :))) I love the colorful start, can’t wait to see what the others will add to it!

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