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Bead Embroidery with Soutache: 25 Gorgeous Jewelry Projects with Decorative BraidBead Embroidery with Soutache: 25 Gorgeous Jewelry Projects with Decorative Braid by Anneta Valious

I received another group of jewelry books from Lark Crafts. this one has a fabulous gallery in the back that includes a turquoise (color) and pink necklace (pg.136) that I find very appealing.

“Soutache is a flat, fiber braid with a groove down the center, comprised of two rows of piping or cording wrapped in viscose, cotton, or synthetic fibers.First developed in France in the 15th century, soutache embroidery has a made a decorative appearance throughout history in and on jewelry, clothing, military uniforms, and more.” One of the really appealing things for me aobut this book is the section called ‘Soutache Through Time.’ Soutache is a word that was unfamiliar to me, but after reading this section, I knew exactly what the author meant. the section has great examples of historical and modern garments using soutache.

As with other Lark Jewelry and Beading books this one has a section explain materials and tools as well as different projects. What is a little different is the section on techniques that includes stitching, finishing the ends and backing the work in addition to a variety of other topics. Looking at this section makes me think that some of what is shown could be adapted for art quilts.

I notice that the designs are more feminine looking. There are lots of rounded designs and few, if any angles.

As usual, the pictures are fantastic, the supply lists complete and the directions extensive. Even if you don’t regularly make jewelry, take a look at this book for the inspiration it offers.

Thanks to Lark Crafts for sending along this book

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