Sketching #196

CPP Response #196: Spill
CPP Response #196: Spill

This drawing is an obvious response, but I really did not want to try and respond with an oil spill. It does look a little weird to me, too. There is something about being able to see the table through the glass that my mind cannot compute, though logically, that is the way it should be.

This was actually a surprisingly hard image to draw. I am not sure why, but getting the spill to look like it was coming out of the glass and, of course, the table behind the glass were challenges. Who doesn’t need a good challenge every week?

You can find your own challenge by taking a look at the original prompt and creating your own response.

Post the direct URL (link) where your drawing, doodle, artwork is posted (e.g. your blog, Flickr) in the comments area of this post. I would really like to keep all the artwork together and provide a way for others to see your work and/or your blog.

We are also talking about this on Twitter. Use the hashtag #CPP

The Creative Prompt Project, also, has a Flickr group, which you can join to  post your responses. I created this spot so those of you without blogs and websites would have a place to post your responses.

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4 thoughts on “Sketching #196”

  1. I like it! The one little bit of color in the otherwise black and white is pretty cool as well. Reminds me of Speilberg’s brilliance when he put the little girl in a red dress in an otherwise black and white world in Shindlers list.

    1. I had forgotten about that. I also think about that French movie about the balloon when I do some of these drawings with just a hint of color.

  2. This is very interesting! I like your response to the prompt…and, to, the spill being a different color from the rest of the sketch is brilliant!

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