Creative Prompt #196: Spill

spill blood

spill your guts

Don’t cry over spilt milk

Definition: Verb; spill (third-person singular simple present spills, present participle spilling, simple past and past participle spilled or spilt)

  1. (transitive) To drop something so that it spreads out or makes a mess; to pour.
    I spilled some sticky juice onto the kitchen floor.
  2. (intransitive) To spread out or fall out, as above.
    Some sticky juice spilled onto the kitchen floor.
  3. (transitive) To drop something that was intended to be caught. ?[quotations ?]
  4. (obsolete) To be destroyed, ruined, or wasted; to come to ruin; to perish; to waste. ?[quotations ?]
  5. (obsolete) To be shed; to run over; to fall out, and be lost or wasted. ?[quotations ?]
  6. Noun

    spill (plural spills)

    1. (countable) A mess of something that has been dropped.
    2. A fall or stumble.
      The bruise is from a bad spill he had last week.
    3. A small stick or piece of paper used to light a candle, cigarette etc by the transfer of a flame from a fire. ?[quotations ?] (Wiktionary)

Took a spill

Spill the beans

Oil spill

spill containment

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Spill is bringing honesty online. We’re making it easy to anonymously share the good and bad moments of your life. Spill lets you vent, get fresh advice and

take a spill

“The tears that you spill, the sorrowful, are sweeter than the laughter of snobs and the guffaws of scoffers.” Kahlil Gibran

bad spill

fall or crash

n Australian politics, a leadership spill is a declaration that the leadership of a parliamentary party is vacant, and open for re-election. A spill may involve all leadership positions (leader and deputy leader in both houses), or just the leader.

A leadership spill occurs when a member or members of the parliamentary party feel that the leader is taking the party in an undesirable direction or is simply not delivering on their promises to those who elected them, and does not have the numbers to back his or her position. A spill can be initiated by the leader themselves, usually to ensure a fresh mandate to quell dissenting voices in the party.

A leadership election may result in a new leader, or may confirm the status quo. If the party in question is in government, the election of a new leader will result in a new Prime Minister, Premier or Chief Minister; if the party is the opposition, the election of a new leader will result in a new Opposition Leader. (Wikipedia)

“He who distributes the milk of human kindness cannot help but spill a little on himself” James Matthew Barrie

Gulf Oil Spill

“A red sun rises. Blood has been spilled this night.” J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

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