Round Robin

I didn’t know what category to put this post in, so I hope it works for those of you who are category-crazed.

The last time I really thought about this piece was back in June and I really wasn’t thinking about this particular piece, but the Round Robin in general and my piece specifically.

Where did you say July went?

I haven’t been to a BAM meeting in forever, sadly, but Kelly has been a great sherpa for me. Yesterday, I sent off my round robin work along with some cat beds and she will, once again, kindly, sherpa them to the meeting this Saturday.  Someday I will see the BAMQGers again.

I wasn’t able to finish the orange and grey donation quilt yet. I didn’t really work on it last weekend. I’ll get back to that as soon as I pick out a blue for the sashing. Apparently, that is the hold up in my brain.

Round Robin
Round Robin

I did make some time last weekend, in the midst of the quantity to do some quality.

This is Chris’ piece and when I first saw it, my impression was that it needed some space. I used the white to give it some space, but didn’t want to just put white strips on, thus the corners.

I also varied the width of strips a little bit so it would have a bit of movement, or viewer’s eyes would move around.

Now that I look at it, it kind of looks like a tulip.

I tried to make the white the same white as in the flowery black/white/yellow print so neither would look dirty. The black on white I added is pretty bright. I think it works. I hope it works, at least. Chris makes art quilts, so she can paint over the white, if she doesn’t like it.

This project definitely involves muscles that are atrophied in me. I am committed to working through all of the pieces, but I am not sure about the project. I am anxious about doing a good. My technique will be good. I hope the design will be, too. I am not sure if my design work fits the piece. It certainly isn’t terrible.

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6 thoughts on “Round Robin”

  1. You gave it space, and now your red is speaking to the rest of it. Very engaging. I keep going back to look at again. There is a story here.

  2. I saw the piece yesterday and it looks wonderful. You did a great job with it. The white did add the space you said was needed. I haven’t done a round robin project before and I am trying to look at it as a way to have some fun and just see what I can to “enhance” what’s already there. I also like the asymmetry of you additions.

    1. Thanks so much! I think your attitude is great and I appreciate it since I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was going to work. I did like the asymmetry as well. I didn’t mention it, I don’t think in the blog post, but thought that was a successful part. I think someone could easily put it on point and make it larger and it would look good as well.

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