What’s on My Cutting Table

Last week Jackie asked what was on my cutting table. I took a picture of what was happening there to share with you.

Cutting table (Key)
Cutting table (Key)

Short version: what a mess! 😉 I do make good use of the cutting table I made out of our old microwave cart.

The way I arranged this post was to number different areas of the image. You probably have to click on the photo to make it larger to actually see the numbers. I start from the right (who knows why?) and go left, then down, then finish in the upper right hand corner.

1. Scrap pile. Usually the scraps from whatever I am working on at the moment. They get in my way, so I do cut them into smaller pieces or put them away pretty regularly.

2. Jelly Roll I created (2.5″ strips) for Super Secret Project #4. These are from the color work I did for the Russian Rubix, but these strips are for a separate quilt. I am interested to see two quilts made from predominantly the same fabrics (perhaps different backgrounds).

3. Box of 2.5″ squares that is still sitting there from Scrapitude. I was cutting a few extras from the scrap pile and putting them in there. While I don’t want to cut a whole selection of different sized pieces like Pam and Bonnie Hunter do, I did like having a bunch of 2.5″ squares available to me.

I use the plastic boxes that used to contain my beloved gluten free cranberry orange scones (before I devoured them). They aren’t very sturdy, but are better than tossing the boxes out and useful for storing patches.

4. Fabric leftovers (larger pieces) from the Scrap Lab Backpack. The various pieces may become scissor sheaths, which is why the fabric is still on the cutting table. Stay tuned for that.

5. Fat quarter pack of Michael Miller dots from TFQ still stubbornly sitting there refusing to say what it wants to be. ERGH!!

6. My two go to rulers and the rotary cutter I use all the time. Both rulers are Creative Grids. One is 4.5″ x 8.5″ and I find it fits well in my hand. It is good for cutting smaller pieces and trimming. I love that ruler. I have three of them so there is always one at hand. (Yes, this is crazy fo the small workroom I have, but….welll…you know.) The other is 3.5″ x 12.5” and is good for squaring up fabrics and cutting strips.

7. Partially started journal covers made from the leftovers from quilt backs – Sparkle Pink, I think.

8. Scraps and messed up blocks from the Disappearing Pinwheel. Yes, I found a bit more of the background after I finished the top. Not much, but I could have used it. That is the problem with a messy cutting table.

9. Second tier ruler – Creative Grids 18.5″ x 4.5″ – which is good for slightly longer cuts when the fabric can’t be folded or I don’t want to fold it.

10. Bolt of ShapeFlex. I love this stuff and am more than halfway through the bolt.

11. Third tier rulers – Creative Grids 16.5″ square and Creative Grids 8.5″ x 12.5″ rectangle ruler

12. That fabric isn’t really on the cutting table. I pressed it A LONG time ago in preparation for making pillowcases then got distracted. The green typewriter key fabric would be fabulous for one of my nephews that went off to college this semester. He needs some auntie-love, so I should get sewing.

Overhead Shot of Cutting Table
Overhead Shot of Cutting Table

What’s on your cutting table?