Vintage Tuesday: My First Sewing Project?

Happy Tax Day! Hope you get a big fat refund!

Recently Mom cleared out her storage unit. She found a lot of great stuff, like her jewelry box and some not so great stuff, e.g. my childhood in a plastic sweater box. I had mixed feelings as I went through the box. Clearly, these things meant something to me, or my mom, at some point, but, frankly, most of them I didn’t remember. I put them away. When I am dead someone else can decide to toss them.

Childhood Heart Pillow
Childhood Heart Pillow

I did find this pillow, though, which I thought was very sweet. It doesn’t have my name on it, but if Mom says I made, I have to believe her. It looks like something I would do. I love the wonkiness of it. I also love the visible stitches. It seems heartfelt to me.

It also seems odd, in a way, because I never called my mom ‘Mother’. That must have been the pattern.