Finished: Star Sampler

Finished: Star Sampler
Finished: Star Sampler

I actually finished this piece last week (or, maybe, the week before), but it is so huge and the weather has been so wet that I wasn’t able to take a photo until Maureen and Nancy held it up for me at the CQFA Meeting last weekend. Thanks, Pals!

It was also the first time I had seen it all completely finished. I wrestled it in my lap to bind it, but didn’t even get DH to hold it up, because we were really busy last week and I was afraid it would have defeated him as well.

I am so pleased with how this quilt turned out. Not only is the finished pieced lovely, but it brings back good memories, despite some complaining, about working on aΒ  project with TFQ. She still has to finish hers, but perhaps seeing mind finished will spur her along.

I really like the different sized blocks. They really create a lot of movement in the quilt.

I want to make another one. Crazy, I know.

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  1. Despite all the movement and varying sizes, it has a soothing feeling to me. I think because of the lovely turquoise. APPLAUSE!!!

    1. I really like the different sizes of blocks and will have to work on working out different blocks sizes for other projects. I think it adds a lot of interest.

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