Weekend Sewing

The weekend felt short and I think part of that was because I had to work on Friday. Granted I only worked half a day, but it still cut into my free time. I shouldn’t complain since most people have to work all day every Friday. Since I don’t normally work that schedule, I feel I can indulge in a little complaining once in awhile.

Saturday, as I will talk about in another post, was the CQFA meeting. It was packed and busy. A few of us stayed for sewing afterwards. Stay tuned for more on that.

I came home, having declined to join DH for some more Political Wifery, and worked on the blog and some tasks related to the upcoming CQFA show. In general, though, I felt out of sorts. It translated into me not sleeping very well and the monkeys that sometimes chatter in my mind being quite active and irritating.

I woke up late, still feeling a little out of sorts, so didn’t get as early a start to my sewing as I would have liked, but I can’t beat myself up all the time, so I ate breakfast and just got to it.

Four Patches
Four Patches

First, I made some Four Patches for a friend who is doing a Lovey for someone going through a hard time. I will put those in the mail today.

I used the fabrics that I used for the Flower Sugar Hexagon quilt, because they are bright and cheerful and I don’t plan, right now, to use them for anything else.  I show some pictures of the finished project when I get them.

Fish postcard
Fish postcard

After those, I decided to put the finishing touches on the Fish Postcard and send that along as a little thank you gift for all the work my friend is gong through to get the quilt out. I only had to zig zag around the edges, so that didn’t take very long. I’ll, maybe, do a blog post on the post card later.

Next, I realized that the BAMQG meeting is next week and I promised to do an orphan block project. I decided to make a lanyard. I used the Two Peas in a Pod tutorial with some modifications. I’ll probably write another post about what I did to change the lanyard pattern above.

Orphan Block Lanyard
Orphan Block Lanyard

Following the lanyard, I felt like I had completed all of my obligations and could get on with some of my projects, but wasn’t sure on which project to work.

Eventually I decided to quilt on See to try and get that done. I quilted away for about 4 hours on and off and got another quarter of the quilting done. I am within shouting distance of having this project done, though I do need to face it and put a sleeve and label on it. After mostly not working on it since 2003, the progress I have made recently feels phenomenal.

I had a little bit of a weird food weekend as well. I bought a Milka Hazelnut chocolate bar a few weeks ago and went on a little binge. I just finally dedicated the calories to eating the whole thing over the course of a couple of days.


  • Scissor Sheath
  • Fish Postcard
  • Orphan Block Lanyard
  • Machine quilting on See


There is a lot of flux in my life right now, so I think that is part of why I feel so out of sorts. Good thing quiltmaking keeps me grounded!


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