Russian Rubix Returns

Did you read the UFO post? I was really thinking about this project when I wrote it. This project is becoming painful. However, I refuse to let it beat me. After talking with Friend Julie a week or so ago, I was ready to dive back in. It is often easier to move on with a project after getting someone’s perspective.

Corner Detail
Corner Detail

I made the top border including the corners, which fit over the side borders. This was not helpful, as they had nothing on which to rest since I hadn’t made the side borders yet. Thus, I decided I needed to make the side borders as I thought it would be easier to put on the top and bottom borders which had the corners if there was enough fabric on the sides to accommodate the corners.

I decided I want this design for the border on this quilt. This decision means that I have to be ok with the idea that two of the borders may have to have a spacer to make them fit. I am not 100% sure the sizing won’t work, but it looks like it won’t. We’ll see as I make more parts of the border, sew bits together, trim other bits and the seam allowances are taken up.

Russian Rubix with borders in process
Russian Rubix with borders in process

I had a few hours on Sunday and spent the time making a side border. It was really nice to just be sewing. I feel like I haven’t had much time to sew lately, so that was part of the reason I enjoyed it so much.

I have a bit left to do, but essentially I finished the side border.



P.S. The piece, as usual, is too large for my design wall, so I had to use tape to keep the border up on the wall. that is the first time I have done that, but I doubt it will be the last because of the size of the pieces I seem to make.


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  1. I’m glad you kept that border, the corner part is really spiffy and worth a little bit of a spacer if necessary. A bigger design wall would be helpful, wish I could lend you mine somehow.

    1. I think so, too. The quilt really needs a border, but not just some slabs of fabric tacked on to the back. I’d like to get more of the Quiet Please that makes the design wall over my sewing machine and staple a whole piece to the wall where the portable design wall is. I have never been able to find the product again.

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