Design Wall Monday

Design Wall - 4/27/2015
Design Wall – 4/27/2015

I am a little short of content, though more is in the works, so you get to see my design wall again.

1. Hot four patches. I still want to make a lot more of those and make a 4 patch quilt. I like what Bonnie Hunter has been doing with Four Patches lately.

2. Flying Geese Exchange with TFQ.

3. First batch of FOTY 2015 patches! This is the first glimpse. Stay tuned for more.

4. Turquoise and red Four Patches.

5. Stepping Stones block in process.

6. Four completed Stepping Stones blocks.

7. Another Stepping Stones block in process.

8. Box Full of Letters blocks.

9. A few more Flying Geese from our exchange.

10. More turquoise and red Four Patches.

My last update wasn’t that long ago – a month or so. I am linking up with the Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara.

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2 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday”

  1. I agree with you about BONNIE’S 4 patch blocks … they are very cute…. I have over 900 THREE inch 9 patch blocks I have been making using my scraps. I now have an idea of making blocks to similar her 4 patches using my NINE patches. Thanks for the post you find the neatest things to share.


    1. She has a nice 9 patch pattern that Torie is making. You won’t have to add anything to the 9 patches to make the blocks except the setting triangles.

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