Finished: Fabric of the Year 2013

Finished: FOTY 2013
Finished: FOTY 2013

I brought this quilt to the last BAMQG meeting and someone was shocked that I had only finished 2013 not 2014. I have barely finished cutting for Fabric of the Year 2014 and have not yet begun to arrange the pieces. Fabric of the Year 2015 is now a glimmer in my sight as well. I seem to have two or three of these going at once. I wonder how I keep them all straight?

Anyway, the process is a bit arduous. Cutting the fabric patches takes me all year. I take the time to get a sense of what I bought and used during the year. Then I have to arrange the patches into the top I want, then I have to sew, make the back, binding & sleeve and get the piece quilted. This all takes time. So, yes, just now this is Fabric of the Year 2013 finished. Stay tuned for the others. 😉

There were a lot of firsts in this quilt. This was the first time I arranged the pieces from the center out starting with white/lights. This process was also the first time I heavily used my camera as a tool to arrange the patches. I took a lot of pictures, converted them to black and white and rearranged according to the value indicated in the black & white photo. If a patch stuck out, I moved it. Of course, I didn’t move purple patches into the green section. Some of the patches look odd if you look at the piece close, but standing back the placement works. The gradation is a big improvement.

Fabric of the Year 2013 (back)
Fabric of the Year 2013 (back)

The back is a couple of Philip Jacobs prints. I got some comments that they clashed, but I like the boldness. I also used the wrong fabric for the sleeve! I got two quilts back at the same time and used the edge of the Russian Rubix, that was cut off to square up the quilt, instead of the edge of the Fabric of the Year 2013. Oh well. At least people can see the sleeve.

I am pleased that this one is done. As of this quilt, I have no (yes, NONE) quilts at the quilter. Of course, the Tarts Come to Tea is still in the process, but that is a story for another day…

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9 thoughts on “Finished: Fabric of the Year 2013”

  1. Count me as impressed and not shocked. I liked this quilt a lot and watch your progress with the FOTY’s with interest. Maybe the ‘only 2013’ person was wryly joking, probably envious. I am too terrified to make a list of my in progress items!

    1. It is liberating to make a list of WIPs. At least you know what you are facing. I choose to agree and think the person didn’t understand how the project works, thus thought FOTY 2014 should be done already. Of course, it could be if I were faster! 😉

      Thanks for your kind words. I am not bored yet, so I must be getting something out of it.

  2. I’m impressed that over the year you bought such a comprehensive range right throughout the colours. I’m tempted to do my own ,just because I think it would be interesting to see where my colours lay – it would be VERY different. Lots of low volume prints in the middle there too. Very impressed with the whole thing, from concept to execution.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and your observations. I do think yellow gets a bit of the short shrift in my purchasing habits while turquoise gets more than its fair share. Still, I am happy with the way it turned out. Thanks for reading.

  3. Wonderful! I love watching your process. Not every quilt is meant to finish up all at once. Some take time to come together and it shows in the results. Love.

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