BAMQG Meeting Last Sat

We had a Winter Extravaganza-palooza last Saturday. We had a regular meeting (see the notes on the BAMQG blog) and then we had food laden party. Part of the party was that the swappers exchanged gifts. I talked about that in the BBE post. A lot of people made bags as gifts. There was an exceptional amount of good work.

There were a lot of good show and tell as well. I didn’t have anything finished, so I only showed the BBE.

Claire's Vintage Quilt
Claire’s Vintage Quilt

Claire showed an amazing vintage quilt. It gave me an opportunity to voice a design thought I have been mulling over.

This pattern in this vintage quilt looks like a Sawtooth Star to me. I have been thinking that taking some of the Postage Stamp donation blocks and adding Flying Geese to each side would make an interesting star.

I mentioned it to the Charity Girls, Peggy and Michelle, and they loved the idea. I am going to see how it would work using my Wing Clipper.

Exciting color choices
Exciting color choices

I really liked some of the color combinations of this quilt. They were really bold and exciting. I have to remember to think about it when I am choosing fabrics. I just don’t think about it.

The blue and the dark salmon (pinky red??) are a really excellent combination! I want to make something with that color combo!

The quilt is in horrendous condition and I am not sure it can be saved. The design inspiration CAN be saved, though.

Amanda's Love Quilt
Amanda’s Love Quilt

Amanda finally finished her Love Quilt. At least, I called it a love quilt. She made it for friends who had a wedding anniversary. It is her own design and I have seen her working on it for a few years. I am sure others would love to make this and think she should create a pattern.

CC's Fireworks
CC’s Fireworks

CC made a really interesting quilt that looked like fireworks or something exploding to me. In a good way, of course.

There was too much going on to really relay it all. You should come to a meeting. The first one is free.

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