Tuffet #2

Tuffet Pieces
Tuffet Pieces

I am heading to another Tuffet class today. I have spent the past few days putting another Tuffet cover together.

I know I have too many projects on my plate right at the moment. Miss Lottie told me that she spent 25 minutes each working on a variety of projects on which she needed to make progress. I decided to do something similar and worked on a bag at the same time I was working on the Tuffet. I alternated the projects. It didn’t work perfectly, but I made progress on both, which is all that I cared about.

When I decided to make another Tuffet, I decided I would make the cover, etc on my own and only take the second part of the Tuffet class. Being ready for the class meant making the whole Tuffet cover myself, which meant I had to do it. I made the foundations and cut all of the strips, but then I just let the piece languish until almost the last minute and I really couldn’t leave it anymore. Once I really got down to it, I was able to make good progress.

Tuffet halves
Tuffet halves

I wanted the Tuffet I made before and this new Tuffet to look similar since they will be in the same room. I used some of the same fabrics, but exchanged others. I am not sure that I like the combination 100% and think that I will use no more than two of the same fabric strips if I do make another one. I am going to finish it, because I am sure it will be fine and now that the whole cover is together I think it looks ok.

I think, because of the difficulty of the fabric choices, there are more Tuffets in my future. However, how many Tuffets does one family need? I may have to buy more armchairs so I have an excuse to make more Tuffets.


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  1. You need at least 3 tuffets, right? Then, there might be guest tuffets and gift tuffets. And yes, I am serious. The first one impressed me, pretty AND useful. Tuffet on!

    1. I think so. We have to get the piano out of the living room and into the YM’s apartment (oh, he doesn’t have an apartment YET!), then I can fit at least a few more tuffets into the house.

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