Valentine’s Pillowcase

Valentine's College Pillowcase
Valentine’s College Pillowcase

I just had to go with the Valentine’s Day theme for February. I know I made a Pokemon pillowcase*, but I saw the Valentine’s Day fabric at The Granary and couldn’t resist.

I know the fabric is probably a little embarrassing for a boy, but he can give it to one of his girl friends, if he doesn’t like it. I have an idea to buy some of those heart shaped candies and some grammar school cartoon themed Valentine’s as well as a heart shaped box of candy for his February care package. It is kind of fun to create and send off care packages. I wonder how many bags of pretzels has hoarded under his bed?







* Nota bene: From the previous college Pillowcase Tally Post, you will see that I intended the Pokemon pillowcase for January and had Angry Birds fabric in mind for February. In my mind, I switched Pokemon to February. I decided not to send him a care package in January since he would still be home for the beginning of it. I might change my mind.