Gift Post #7: Scissor Sheaths

One tradition the guild has is to assemble gifts for the officers and put them in bags made by volunteers. I wrote a good description of the reasoning in 2014. I talked about augmenting this yesterday with some One Hour Baskets.

Scissor Sheaths
Scissor Sheaths

Scissor Sheaths are covers for your scissors. Often they are made from leather and come with scissor brands such as Gingher. I made some out of fabric using a pattern/guidelines on this blog.

I cut the pieces and parts out a long time ago. Those pieces had been sitting on my cutting table waiting for a few more pieces for the lining and me to Just Do It, as the Nike ad says.

Since I needed some gifts for the officers, it was time and I did it. I think they were popular. I meant to figure out how to put a ribbon or something on them so they can be carried on a chatelaine or lanyard, but I didn’t get to it. I have one left in case I need a quick gift for someone.