Color Selection on the Carpenter’s Wheels

The Carpenter’s Wheel blocks were off visiting Kathleen in Reno when I started laying out the 5th version. Yes, I had another idea for a variation and decided to try it out. I was challenged by the center square. I got it in my head to use orange (forgetting that I had already made one with an orange center), thus had some fun trying out different oranges.

Carpenter's Wheel with orange
Carpenter’s Wheel with orange

I really thought that the tone-on-tone orange would be the perfect center for the 5th block. Somehow it didn’t work for me. I think the bold patterning of the other fabrics made the tone-on-tone look flat.

Carpenter's Wheel with batik orange
Carpenter’s Wheel with batik orange

I didn’t want a fabric that screamed because it is such a large piece compared to the other patches, so I tried this great orange batik. I thought it was probably the best of the lot, but there was something about it that didn’t quite work.

Carpenter's Wheel with tone-on-tone orange
Carpenter’s Wheel with salmon-y orange

I picked out a more salmon-y orange, thinking more pink might work better. The pattern was better, but the pattern wasn’t bold enough to compete with all that was going on in the block and didn’t work.

Carpenter's Wheel with stripey pink-orange fabric
Carpenter’s Wheel with stripey pink-orange fabric

I did think more pink was good, though, so I looked through my ‘oranges tending towards pink’ fabric to see if I could find anything. This was better. I almost went with it, but though it was a little light. You can see the block evolving as I move some of the other pieces or change them out as well.

Carpenter's Wheel with pink stitch
Carpenter’s Wheel with pink stitch

I finally decided on a pink stitch design. I think it competes well with the other fabrics, but doesn’t overwhelm them.

I am working on stitching it down. As you might recall, these blocks have a lot of pieces, so it takes time. I also laid out another block and will need to pick out another center. Stay tuned.