You might remember the review I wrote on Kathy Doughty’s Adding Layers book. After I wrote that review, I decided that I would make the Super Nova pattern included in the book. I wanted to make something fast and the pieces were big, so I thought it would be a quick top.



I had to rip out almost every seam at least once. It was so frustrating. After a break because of travel and Quiltcon, my quilting muscle definitely needed a workout. I got back to it and finished the top yesterday.

The back is still to come, but I am glad I am back on the sewing bandwagon.

The other problem is that we can’t take photos of large quilts without the YM anymore and I make large quilts. That is what I do. This time we tried doing it with blue tape holding up one side and DH holding the other. It was ok, but without the Young Man, we really don’t have enough wingspan to photograph large quilts.

Author: Jaye

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9 thoughts on “Flowerburst”

    1. I am not sure. Part of it was me. Part of it was not having enough space to cut the large pieces without folding the fabric. Part of it was not having a large enough ruler (medium star centers were 16+ inches square). Part of it was not being able to cut everything at once and have done with it. Part of it was that the directions did not clearly state where fabric A went. It was a combination, but is all now fine.

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