Cat Bed Redux

I had a pretty good weekend sewing. It started with my return from the BAMQG meeting (post on that later). I was so fired up to sew. This was also pent up energy from not sewing for a few days. As soon as I arrived home and dumped my stuff, I sat down at the sewing machine and sewed the cat bed I got from Amanda at the meeting.

Seashell cat bed
Seashell cat bed

I like the fleece fabric Amanda picked out. It is really fun. And cheerful (though not in a pink kind of cheerful way). I like those seahorses.

I needed to make another cat bed, because my bag of schnibbles was starting to scare me. I should have taken two, but I wasn’t thinking.

I wonder if seahorses will be the next big thing. I saw a paper pieced project of a seahorse on Instagram recently.