Donation Top

My Wed Sewing Room
My Wed Sewing Room

I didn’t mean to have two donation posts in a row, but it was more about poor blog post planning than not knowing I was going to sew.

Gerre and I spent the day together chatting and making another donation top. I had cut the backgrounds for a T quilt a few months ago, but didn’t finish the foreground cutting. I brought what I had and my bin of orange fabrics since sewing together is way more fun than sewing alone.

It was great. Gerre was kind enough to listen to a couple of sad tales of woe. After that was over, I started in on cutting foregrounds while Gerre set up to sew. Pretty soon she was sewing as I handed her packaged sets of ready-to-sew patches. We both pressed. It took us about 4 hours to make the top back and binding, but we had lunch in between and I wasn’t caught in terrible traffic on my way home. All in all it was a pretty leisurely schedule. Satisfying to finish a top and back as well.

These aren’t great photos, but you get the idea. The top is about 45″x45″. The binding will be random bits of leftover fabrics.

It was a great way to spend the day and I really needed a day of sewing as it was a stressful week. Also, we were able to do something good for someone else.